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Therapro's Baby Grabber 3 pack

I’d also like to share a case of mine with you that I think ..

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Therapro's Baby Grabber 3 pack
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Therapro's Baby Grabber 3 pack

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Designed to calm and soothe infants who are in the developmental stages of mouthing. Oral exploration exercises the lips, tongue, and jaw, which is essential for the development of speech sounds. For infants with hypersensitivity and oral sensory defensiveness, the Baby Grabber provides a positive oral experience. Oral stimulation often assists in self-organization and in the transition from pureed to textured foods. Material and color are FDA approved and contain no latex.
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Автор: Посетитель 03.02.2012
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I’d also like to share a case of mine with you that I think you may find useful. A teacher once came to me asking for advice for her 5-year-old son, who had begun to chew excessively. As they were literally leaving school to go on a 6 hour road trip, I explained and demonstrated how to use the Grabber XT. His shirt at the time was already wet and well chewed, but they made it to their destination in relief. Instead of chewing on his shirt and other objects during the car ride, he was able to get the oral stimulation that he needed from the Grabber XT. She also increased his diet with harder-to-chew foods, and the excessive chewing has since subsided. When watching tv, however, the behavior returned. So I recommended a hand fidget to see if that would help to keep his shirt out of his mouth.

I also suggested that she do gum massage for him on a routine basis. Gum massage is a simple and effective way to provide oral stimulation. Place your pointer finger just above the upper middle teeth. Move it across the gum to the back molars and back to where you began. Repeat about 3 times. Next, repeat the same motion on the lower gums. Place your finger just below the lower middle teeth. Move it across the gums to the back molars and back to the front again. Repeat about 3 times. Then switch to using your thumb and repeat the same movements on the other side of the mouth. Start in the center of the teeth and move your thumb back along the gums to the molar area. Repeat about 3 times on both the upper and lower gums. You may have to decrease the number of times depending on his reaction. It’s not the number of times that matters, it’s your son’s response. Is he relaxing? Is he tensing? It also doesn’t matter which fingers you use, I just described the motions that are the most comfortable for me. What does matter, however, is the frequency of the exercise. I recommend that this be done as often as possible throughout the day. I once had a 5-year-old girl in therapy who was mouthing/eating inappropriate objects in the classroom. So during therapy, I did this exercise every 10-15 minutes during the session. When she sat on my lap for the massage, she just melted into me, she enjoyed it so much. Eventually, she stopped eating/mouthing inappropriate objects in the classroom.

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