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Theramedix's Immune Support(PRX) 60 capsules
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Theramedix's Immune Support(PRX) 60 capsules
Theramedix's Immune Support(PRX) 60 capsules 

$ 34.19

Код товара: TM-PRX60

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RPR was formulated to address inflammation, speed recovery, and repair tissue. RPR contains the highest amount of proteolytic enzymes that have exhibited anti-inflammatory qualities.* Inflammation: One of the major concerns of inflammation is capillary blood flow. These small blood vessels are responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells and removing waste. After an injury some of these capillaries may be damaged, making them incapable of carrying fluid to and from the damaged tissue. The result is pain, swelling, redness, heat and loss of function. By repairing the capillaries, the bruises, swelling and pain disappear. Proteolytic enzymes have been shown to reduce the amount of fibrin in the damaged capillary, improve circulation and speed healing.* Once in the blood stream proteolytic enzymes hydrolyze the fibrin network and enhance blood flow.* Additionally, these same proteases have been known to stimulate phagocytes (the cells that ingest foreign particles and debris) and accelerate elimination by way of the lymphatic system.* Recovery: In a recent study, runners were given protease supplements or a placebo four times a day for three days, including 24 hours before and 48 hours after running. The participants were evaluated for mood, muscle soreness and pain threshold 24 and 48 hours after running 30 minutes at about 7 miles per hour. The result was less soreness, improved pain threshold and no mood change with those taking the proteolytic supplements over the group who took the placebo (18). The use of enzymes to enhance athletic recovery and repair is not new in Europe, where many top athletes in Germany use enzyme therapy. Enzyme therapy is also common in Austrailia among athletes for these purposes. Proteolytic enzymes specifically help relieve the types of inflammation that requires ice (injury, trauma, sprains, surgery, etc.). The proteolytic enzymes in RPR are Protease, Bromelain, Papain, and Catalase. Catalase has superior antioxidant qualities.* Bromelain and Papain appear to be attracted to "hot spots" in th body, points of inflammation that exhibit temperatures higher than normal body temperature.* Amylase increases joint mobility and helps relieve sore muscles.* Lipase can help relieve muscle spasms and cold lymphatic swelling.* (These issues can be related to calcium deficiency from a lack of lipase.) Rutin is a natural bioflavonoid that supports the enhanced regeneration capacity of human body tissues.* Bioflavonoids are vital in their ability to increase the strength of the capillaries and to regulate their permeability. Indications:* Heavy athletic activities, Inflammation, Injury arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal tunnel, Sunburn, Bruising
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