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Kirkman`s Phenol Assist 90 Capsules 3 box value pack
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Kirkman`s Phenol Assist 90 Capsules 3 box value pack
Kirkman`s Phenol Assist 90 Capsules 3 box value pack 

$ 84.00

Код товара: 0835-090

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Phenols are compounds with a specific chemical structure (an aromatic ring plus a hydroxyl group) that are found in fruits, vegetables, some grains and nuts, flavorings and spices. A salicylate is a type of phenolic compound. Phenols and polyphenols have anti-oxidant qualities and protective functions which make some of them beneficial and desirable to consume for most individuals. An important chemical process that occurs in body tissues is called sulfation. Sulfation is the movement of sulfate (sulfur plus oxygen) ions from one body tissue to another. Sulfating molecules change that molecule`s character and behavior and how they act in the body. Connective tissue is sulfated for structural reasons and neuron tissue is sulfated to provide a protective sheath. Sulfation also causes molecules to vary in activity, solubility, and mobility. For the body to work properly, these sulfation processes must occur as they are required. So what is the relationship between phenolic compounds and sulfation? Phenols and salicylates use up a lot of sulfate in the body in order to be broken down. In other words, the phenols and salicylates compete for the body`s sulfate stores. In certain individuals, breaking down phenolic compounds can provide a benefit by supporting the sulfation mechanism. Phenol Assist is an enzyme product designed to help digest part of the cell wall structure of plant cells, the structure of fruits, vegetables and grains. Doing so opens the cell and allows the process of phenol digestion to begin. When you slice open an apple or a pear and let it sit out for a while, you will notice a browning of the tissue occurring. That browning process is the result of the natural enzyme present in fruits, "phenolase," oxidizing the fruit tissue. This process cannot occur until the cell wall is broken and oxygen gets into the cells. Phenol Assist gets this process going and therefore supports sulfation by reducing the phenolic load on the body`s sulfation capacity. Phenol Assist contains a variety of enzymes to accomplish the cell wall digestion, and other enzymes to assist in the total digestion of fruits, vegetables, grains, and spices. Below is a brief description of the enzymes present: Xylanase makes grains, fruits and vegetables that utilize xylose in their structure more digestible by breaking some of the xylan bonds. CeraCalaseT is a proprietary blend of the National Enzyme Company which aids the breakdown of plant and fruit structures. Cellulase which helps digest the cellulose fibers surrounding plant cells. Beta-Glucanase is an enzyme which breaks down glucan structures in fruits and grains. Phytase breaks organic-phosphate bonds which helps destroy phytins and phytic acid thereby insuring that important minerals are not complexed and transported unused out of the body. Alpha Amylase is an enzyme which helps digest starches and complex sugars present in plants. Glucoamylase aids digestion of polysaccharides and polymeric chains of glucose. Alpha-Galactosidase hydrolyzes bonds that hold galactose thereby freeing the galactose for its enzyme stimulating function involving DPPIV.
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