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Kirkman Laboratories
Kirkman Laboratories
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Kirkman`s Pea Protein Concentrate 2 lbs (~ 900 gr) 3 box value pack
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Kirkman`s Pea Protein Concentrate 2 lbs (~ 900 gr) 3 box value pack
Kirkman`s Pea Protein Concentrate 2 lbs (~ 900 gr) 3 box value pack 

$ 97.50

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Many parents have a real challenge in getting children and adults for that matter, to consume enough protein for good health and proper development. If individuals are able to and will eat poultry, beef, and pork the challenge is a lot easier, though the over consumption of fats and cholesterol can be a concern. Fish of course raises the toxic heavy metal issue that special needs individuals need to be so concerned about. Protein powder substitutes usually are derived from soy, rice or dairy, which are often problematic because of sensitivities. Special diets also restrict the consumption of certain additives and derivatives. Kirkman is pleased to offer a unique, new product which makes protein enrichment without sensitivity concerns a lot easier. Kirkman`s Pea Protein Concentrate is made from 100% Golden Pea Kernels, a total vegetable source. It contains a complete balanced profile of amino acids with a protein content of about 82%. The color and flavor of pea protein powder is bland and lends itself to the individual flavorings and modifications of the user based on their own requirements and dietary considerations. The product can be incorporated in drinks, smoothies, shakes, crackers, chips, snack treats, soups, pie crust, pasta, vegetable meat loaf, or special sauces. A Kirkman recipe book comes with the product to give the consumer ideas on how to incorporate the powder into food and drinks.
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